Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Return, apparently....

What can I say....

Yes, I realise I've not posted here in over a year, which is really sad given the stated intentions in my first post. What's even sadder is that I couldn't even remeber what my blog was called.

My reason for posting now is .... well ... I don't really know. Kin said something last which sounded ridiculously funny, at the time it did anyway. I thought this would be wonderful fodder for a blog post but now, with the clarity of some time and some distance it really just sounds a bit silly. What can I say, inspiration is hard to come by.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunday with the Kids

Today it's Sunday.

Quite obvious actually but for some reason I thought I'd point it out....

Now, some folks may have realised Kin is away doing her residential bit for her studies which of course means I'm home alone with the kids. Just for the weekend, from Friday night to Monday morning when I drop them off at my mums place where Kin will pick them up from after lunch.

Six months ago this would have given me cause for some slight concern maybe even a little bit of panic but now, nothing like it. I'm not saying I've turned into superdad overnight, it's more a case of the girls growing up a bit more. M&M and Kiki (nearly 4 and 3 respectively) are actually turning into human beings! This makes relating to them just so much easier.

So far this morning we've slept in; dressed ourselves (respectably); gone out to the Evil Mpire for breakfast; made surprises for Kin; played on the beach and played at the playground. Currently they're nailed down in their lounge room (a corner of the dining room) watching Bear and the Big Blue House as a form of enforced rest. If they don't do this they become evil personified later in the afternoon.

With only a couple of minor little meltdowns things have gone fairly well so far. Of course, they wanted all the really icky stuff for breakfast and objected to eating something slightly healthy so we compromised. I ate the vaguely healthy stuff bought for them and they ate the vaguely unhealthy stuff I bought for myself. At least they won't touch my coffee, yet.... Unfortunately, part way through breakfast, M&M decided she was going to be the conductor of an orchestra (blame Bear for that one). Part of this required we all make music.... Now, as anybody who has heard me sing will tell you, I'm not exactly musical. So for the benefit of our fellow diners I had to refrain which M&M did not appreciate at all.

I can't say much about what we did after breakfast because it's meant to be a surprise for Kin when she gets home. Suffice to say the girls had lots of fun and so did I really. Which is something of a surprise considering what we were doing was a fairly 'girly' sort of activity. Although, of course being, 'girly' there are lots of girls (of all ages) partaking so some of the 'scenery' can be nice (political correctness is sooooo boring so I ignore it to a fair degree).

Playing at the beach and playground was pretty straightforward, although my arms are tired from pushing the swings. "Higher Daddy!" is the cry of both these potential astronuts. Outdoor activities in this part of the world are pretty easy to arrange, not a cloud in the sky, not too hot with a gentle breeze. Blue waters, boats of every description cruising by and scenery of every persuasion passing by as well. I love living on a hotspot on the backpackers highway.

The day isn't over yet, there may be a part two to this post, we'll see.

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Ok, yes, I'm now counting. See the little doohickey down the corner there, yes, down there to the right! Probably the ultimate statement of vanity, counting the number of people who visit the ultimate in vanity, a blog. I mean, really, who cares about my maunderings and mental meanderings? Then, as Kin (the missus) used to say on her blog, "Read by at least 10 people every day". Gives me something to aim for!

Having said that though, I count all sorts of things everyday. From the hours, minutes and seconds till I knock off from work each day to the number of steps it takes me to walk home from work. Actually, I haven't done the latter, no real point, and as an engineer, I round off the former to "about half an hours", but you get my drift.

What I mean by all that fluff is there are some things in life I am allways either counting down to, counting on or counting for. Such as I count ON the sun coming up each day; I count DOWN to the day I no longer have to go to work each day; and I am counting the things I need FOR the day I no longer have to work every day. I've gotta say, if that first one ever lets me down I am certainly NOT going to work that day!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

What can I say?

What can I say?
What can I say which hasn't already been said?

I'm not normally the sort of person who puts himself out there for all to see. My preference is to sit back, stay quiet and see what's happening around me.

My reason for doing this is simple (to me at least). The missus, "Kin", is writing a blog, The Home of Slightly Cracked Dreams, and her writing is improving out of sight! So I figure, what's good for the goose is good for the gander....

We'll wait and see how that goes.